Exchange Policy
We reserve the rights to accept the devices up for exchange. We are only accepting limited devices for now. Prior to reaching the outlet please contact us on Facebook page of VAPEEX to avoid any inconvenience.
2 days inspection period required before the voucher is granted.
The product will be rated A, B and C according to the condition and remaining life inspected by the professional team of engineers.
A certificate will be provided to the customer with the rating of their respective product on it.
E-Vouchers will be generated which would be sent to the customers on their email or WhatsApp.
Vouchers can be redeemed at any outlet of Vapecity and Vapemate OR can be redeemed on our website as well.
Redeemable vouchers in exchange of hardware.

Vouchers cannot be redeemed to purchase refurbished hardware from VAPEEX.

Vouchers won’t be applicable on promotional offers.
We DO NOT accept e-liquids and accessories including batteries.
Only available in Karachi.

Only available in Karachi.

1) Customer will contact our online sales representative to check if his device is eligible for exchange.
2) If customer device it’s acceptable by our exchange policy customer will visit our Vapemate outlet and submit his/her device for price & hardware assessment. Two working days are required for this process.
3) After assessment we will issue certificate of acknowledgement and discount coupon based on device ratings by our expert engineers.
4) Once it’s confirmed and accepted by customer we will issue discount voucher.